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Call for proposals and guidelines for the Egerland Culture Award

"Johannes von Tepl"

The Bund der Eghalanda Gmoin e. V. – Bund der Egerländer – BdEG,

the Arbeitskreis Egerländer Kulturschaffender e. V. – AEK and

the Landschaftsrat Egerland in der Sudetendeutschen Landsmannschaft

donate together in memory of John of Tepla, who came from the Egerland and who wrote around 1400 "Der Ackermann aus Böhmen", the first and also most important prose poetry of the New High German literature, the


which is given to People alive, who have rendered particular and outstanding cultural achievements towards the Egerland and the people of the Egerland.

The prize is awarded for achievements in the fields of

literature, science, music, folklore, fine arts, traditions, architecture, performing arts.

The Cultural Award consists of a main prize of 2,500, - Euro and also of advancement awards in the amount of 500, - Euro if donations herefore are made. They will be awarded alternately on

  • the Egerlandtag (Day of the Egerland),

  • the AEK - Begegnung (Meeting of the AEK)

  • or the BdEG – Bundeskulturtagung (Federal Culturalconvention of the BdEG).

The advancement awards are given to youth-groups and music-groups, or individuals.

The prize money will be raised through donations. The donors have from an amount of 255, - Euro upwards a vote in the jury.

The award-winners have agreed to make greater allowance on the creative labour for the evaluation.

Proposals for the award are to be made by April, 30 each year, written and with detailed CV, to the President of AEK e.V., Albert Reich, Fleinerstr. 14, 70 437 Stuttgart.

The winners will be elected by the jury, composed as follows:


  • from the donators (individuals or legal entities)

  • from three Members of the Bundesvorstand des BdEG e.V. - Bund der Egerländer -

  • from three Members of the Board of the AEK e.V.

Nominations may be made by all Egerland associations and organizations, but also by individuals. The jury will meet annually at the Sudetendeutscher Tag. The award-winners will be named to the donors, upon request, after the draw. The winners will be named in the invitation of the award presentation ceremony in particular. The decisions of the jury are final and unimpeachable.

The winners will receive a certificate about their award, signed by the Bundesvüarstäiha BdEG eV Bund der Egerländer, by the President of the AEK and by the chairman of the Landschaftsrat Egerland in the SL.

The jury decisions will be published in the journals "Der Egerländer", in the "Sudetendeutsche Zeitung", the "Sudetenpost", in the entities of the Egerländer Heimatkreise and Heimatortsgemeinschaften, as well as other media.